Full Stack Web Development

Learn complete web stack programming with React and Node by doing it the way a full-stack professional would do it. Learn how to create whole web apps from start to finish with one of the most trending tech stacks available. You can learn how to create data-driven applications, as well as how to test, protect, and deploy your code, in this thorough study path. MERN stack is one of the most versatile tech stacks available. Learn front-end and server-side support, to build a multi-platform solution.
Language: english
Duration: 6-7 months

What you'll learn

  • HTML and Semantics
  • Starting with CSS
  • Working Template
  • Mobile responsive webpages
  • Grid and Flex-box in CSS
  • Projects using HTML & CSS
  • Version Control and Git
  • Getting Started with JavaScript
  • Advance JavaScript
  • Working with DOM
  • Making Projects using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Understanding Fundamental of Computer Science
  • Getting Started with Database
  • Understanding the Database
  • Starting with NodeJS and Express
  • Understanding React and its Fundamentals
  • Understanding Hooks and Routers
  • Starting and Completing Full Fledge Projects


  • System with minimum i3 processor or better
  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • Working internet connection
  • Dedication to learn

Course Curriculum

14 Jan' 23 Course Introduction
  • Mentors Introduction
  • Course Overview And Dashboard Description
  • Introduction Of Web Application
  • Lab Introduction
  • Support System Introduction
  • Community Introduction
15 Jan' 23 Base Building
  • Internet and How it Works
  • Web Browser
  • Browser Engine
  • Static Site
  • Dynamic Site
  • Client and Server
16 Jan' 23 Profile Building
  • What is UI/UX ?
  • Who is Frontend Developer ?
  • Who is Backend Developer ?
  • Importance of Portfolio
  • Making Account on GitHub and LinkedIn
  • Explaining Importance of GitHub and LinkedIn
  • Why one should write a blog and its Importance ?
  • Different Platforms to Write Blog
17 Jan' 23 Course basic
  • What is HTML ?
  • What is CSS ?
  • Why JavaScript Came into the picture ?
  • History of JavaScript
18 Jan' 23 Requirement / System Setup
  • Tools Required to get Started
  • Introduction to Neuro Lab
  • Details Features Explanation of NeuroLab
  • Execution of Lab Environment
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Hitesh Choudhary

I like to make videos related to code and tech in my free time. I also lead a few tech teams in startups, help in hiring talent for companies. I am also on a part time traveller, with 31 countries checked off so far!

Anurag Tiwari

Hey, I am an experienced Software Developer who worked to build platforms like learncodeonline, where I have developed a robust and scalable system that can handle up to 300K daily users. I have an innate ability to identify problems and find innovative solutions to overcome them. Along with development work, I am also a passionate teacher sharing knowledge and expertise with students for the past five years. My dedication to work and students is a testament to my exceptional character and commitment to excellence.

Vishwa Mohan

Vishwa Mohan, an accomplished CIO at Physics Wallah, brings a wealth of expertise in software engineering, data science, big data, and AI/ML.Having held prominent positions at esteemed organizations like LinkedIn, WalmartLabs, PayPal, and Oracle, has deepened his understanding of cutting-edge technologies. However, his journey doesn't end there. Vishwa's passion for education has driven him to become one of the top educators in the edTech industry, both in India and abroad. With a strong educational background from IIT BHU and 14 years of teaching experience, he has emerged as a top educator at prominent edTech companies in India and abroad. Vishwa's mentoring has impacted over 100,000 professionals and students, with his students finding success at prestigious companies, including FAANG. In an ever-evolving world of technology, Vishwa Mohan stands as a beacon of inspiration, bridging the gap between academia and industry, and guiding the next generation of tech enthusiasts towards success.

Sanket Singh

Current working with Google Pay | Ex - Software Engineer at LinkedIn |Former Google Summer Of Code Developer for Harvard University | 5 years of teaching experience | Top notch Educator for competitive programming and Software design/development at different edtech companies. Students placed in FAANG, Zomato, Axis, Microsoft and other top product based companies.

Class Details
Batch Name:
Sigma Batch
Start Date:
14th Jan'23
Class Timings:
Doubt Session:
Chat Support:10 AM-10 PM IST Monday to Saturday, Live Doubt Session: Tuesday and Thursday 3PM-6PM IST
Course Features
  • Full Stack Web Development Certification
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • 20 + hands-on industry real-time projects
  • 160+ hours classes
  • Every week doubt clearing session
  • 2 Year Dashboard access
  • Course Materials
  • Doubt clearing one-to-one
  • Doubt clearing through mail and support
  • Discord Community
  • Assignments
  • Quiz in every module
  • Live projects with real-time implementation
  • Resume building
  • Career guidance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Regular assessment
  • Experience Portal Access
  • PWLabs Access

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