Decode DSA with C++

This course has been designed to help you become proficient in Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) in C++ language to get prepared for your placements. After completing this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the basics of programming, coding, DSA and most importantly Problem-Solving which will further enhance your career as a developer/programmer. This course will be taught in Hinglish medium.
Language: hinglish
Duration: 6 months

What you'll learn

  • C++
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Searching
  • Recursion
  • Advanced Sorting
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Linked List
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Binary Search Trees
  • Priority Queues
  • Hashmaps and Sets
  • Backtracking
  • Ad-hoc and Greedy
  • Dynamic Programming and Bit Manipulation
  • Graphs


  • Requirements
  • System With Minimum I3 Processor Or Better
  • At Least 4 Gb Of Ram
  • 6 Months Of Dedication

Course Curriculum

13th Mar'23 Introduction to C++
  • Introduction to C++ as programming language
  • Installation of VS Code and making it ready to get started
  • Number Systems
  • Basic Printing
  • Variables and Data types
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Importance of inclusion of header file
  • Compilation Process
  • Taking input from the user
  • Other operators
  • Operator Precedence
  • Data Typecasting
20th March'23 Fundamentals of Programming - 1
  • If, Else if and else
  • Combining multiple conditions
  • Ternary and switch statement
  • Problems on conditions
  • For, while and do-while loops
  • Problems on loops
27th March'23 Fundamentals of Programming - 2
  • Break and continue
  • Problems on loops using operators
  • Pattern Printing Basic Problems
  • Pattern Printing Advanced Problems
27th March'23 Diving more into C++ Programming
  • Need and importance of functions
  • Function declaration and definition
  • Global and local variables
  • What is int main()
  • Various inbuilt functions
  • Incorrect swap function
  • What is a variable in terms of memory?
  • Address of a variable
  • Introduction to Pointers
  • Pointer Arithmetic
  • Pass by reference and pass by value
  • Functions and pointers (Correct swap function)
  • Double pointers
2nd April'23 Milestone 1 :- Fundamentals of C++ Programming
  • Milestone 1 Test
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Sanket Singh

Current working with Google Pay | Ex - Software Engineer at LinkedIn |Former Google Summer Of Code Developer for Harvard University | 5 years of teaching experience | Top notch Educator for competitive programming and Software design/development at different edtech companies. Students placed in FAANG, Zomato, Axis, Microsoft and other top product based companies.

Raghav Garg

Upcoming Software Developer in a leading FinTech company. Having 2.5+ years of teaching experience and helping students to get the best possible results. Solved more than 300+ questions in online coding platforms.

Class Details
Batch Name:
Start Date:
13th March'23
Class Timings:
Doubt Session:
Live Doubt Clearing Session 10AM - 12.30PM IST Sunday
Course Features
  • C++ with DSA Certification
  • In Depth Coverage of Concepts
  • Class Notes Materials
  • Assignments in every module
  • Quizzes in every module
  • Video Solutions
  • 500+ Questions
  • Classes in Hybrid mode
  • Weekly LIVE Doubt Sessions
  • Career Guidance
  • Comprehensive Lectures with proper Dry Run
  • Self Paced learning
  • Resume Building
  • 150+ hours classes
  • 2 Year Dashboard access
  • Doubt clearing through mail
  • Discord Community
  • 80% Scheduled Classes & 20% Live Classes
  • PWLabs Access
  • Experience Portal Access

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