Data Science Masters 2.0

Data Science Masters course is highly curated and uniquely designed according to the latest industry standards. This program instills in students the skills essential to knowledge discovery efforts to identify standard, novel, and truly differentiated solutions and decision-making, including skills in managing, querying, analyzing, visualizing, and extracting meaning from extremely large data sets. This trending program provides students with the statistical, mathematical, and computational skills needed to meet the large-scale data science challenges of today's professional world. You will learn all the stack required to work in data science, data analytics, and big data industry including cloud infrastructure and real-time industry projects.
Language: english
Duration: 9 months

What you'll learn

  • Python
  • Statistics
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Computer vision
  • Natural language processing
  • Big data
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Kakfa
  • Data Analytics
  • PowerBI
  • Tableau
  • Databases
  • Data Science Worflow
  • Real Time Data Science Projects


  • System with minimum i3 processor or better
  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • Working internet connection
  • Dedication to learn

Course Curriculum

Week 0 - PYTHON - Course Introduction
  • Course Induction
  • Course Overview And Dashboard Description
  • Introduction Of Data Industry
  • Lab Introduction
  • Support System Introduction
  • Community Introduction
Week 1 - PYTHON - Basic Building
  • Introduction Of Python And Comparison With Other Programming Languages
  • Python Objects, Number & Booleans, Strings.
  • Container Objects, Mutability Of Objects
  • Operators - Arithmetic, Bitwise, Comparison And Assignment Operators, Operator's Precedence And Associativity
  • Conditions (If Else, If-Elif-Else), Loops (While, For)
  • Break And Continue Statement And Range Function
Week 2 - PYTHON - Data Structures
  • Basic Data Structure In Python
  • String Object Basics
  • String Inbuilt Methods
  • Splitting And Joining Strings
  • String Format Functions
  • List Methods
  • List As Stack And Queues
  • List Comprehensions
  • Tuples, Sets & Dictionary Object Methods
  • Dictionary Comprehensions
  • Dictionary View Objects
Week 3 - PYTHON - Function
  • Functions Basics, Parameter Passing, Iterators.
  • Generator Functions
  • Lambda Functions
  • Map, Reduce, Filter Functions.
Week 4 - PYTHON - Oops Concepts
  • Oops Basic Concepts.
  • Creating Classes
  • Pillars Of Oops
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Decorator
  • Class Methods And Static Methods
  • Special (Magic/Dunder) Methods
  • Property Decorators - Getters, Setters, And Deletes
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Course Projects

Week 7 - Projects - Python Project :- Web Scrapping
  • Web Scrapping introduction
  • Integration With Web Portal.
  • Integration With Rest Api, Web Portal And Mongo Db
  • Deployment On Web Portal On Aws , Azure , Aws
Week 7 - Projects - Python Project :- Image Scrapping
  • Image Scrapping Introduction
  • Image Scrapping Deployment
  • Image Scrapping Deployment
  • Deployment On Web Portal On Aws , Azure , Aws
Week 22 -23 - ML Projects
  • Fault Detection in Wafers based on Sensor Data
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection
  • Forest Cover Classification
  • Income Prediction
  • Mushroom Classifier
  • Phishing Classifier
  • Thyroid Detection
Week 29 -30 - Computer Vision Projects
  • Image Classification with SOTA CNNs
  • Vision based Attendance System
  • Sign Language Detection
  • Shredder Systems
  • Image to Text using OCRs
Week 34 -35 - NLP Projects
  • Movie Review using BERT
  • NER using BERT
  • POS Tagging with BERT
  • Question Answering with SQUAD
  • Machine Translation with Transformers

Having 10+ years of experience in Data Science and Analytics with product architecture design and delivery. Worked in various product and service based Company. Having an experience of 5+ years in educating people and helping them to make a career transition.

Sudhanshu Kumar

Having 8+ years of experience in Big data, Data Science and Analytics with product architecture design and delivery. Worked in various product and service based Company. Having an experience of 5+ years in educating people and helping them to make a career transition.

Dr. Ayan Debnath

Currently working as Solutions Architect / Senior Data Scientist | PHD. IIT Delhi | Visiting Research Scholar | Harvard University & University of Pennsylvania | Having 5+ years of experience in the field of Data Science

Subhodeep Dey

DGM - Lead Data Scientist JIO | AI/ML Advisor to Startups | Ex-UHG | Ex-JnJ | Ex-RIL | Finalist at DSG, Paris | PGDBA, IIM Calcutta, ISI Kolkata & IIT KGP | 4+ years of teaching experience

Rishab Malhotra

Currently working as Senior Data Scientist with JIO AI-COE | Ex - Senior Data Scientist at KLAIM.AI & Apollo mUnich Health Insurance Company Ltd | 4+ years of teaching experience | Top-notch Educator for Data Science & Natural language Processing

Class Details
Batch Name:
Start Date:
6th May'23
Class Timings:
Weekly Scheduled
Doubt Session:
Live Doubt Session : 3PM - 6PM IST Monday and Saturday
Course Features
  • Data Science Master’s certification
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • 50 + hands-on industry real-time projects
  • 200+ hours classes
  • Every week 2 Doubt clearing sessions
  • Every Week Module Test
  • Every week 1 Revision Class
  • 2 Year Dashboard access
  • Course Materials
  • Doubt clearing one-to-one
  • Doubt clearing through mail and support
  • Discord Community
  • Assignments
  • Quiz in every module
  • Live projects with real-time implementation
  • Resume building
  • Career guidance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Regular assessment
  • Experience Portal Access
  • PWLabs Access
  • 80% Scheduled Classes & 20% Live Classes

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